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Free Puzzle Games To Play In Your Browser

Free Puzzle Games

Roll up! Roll up! For the latest free puzzle games to play in your browser from The Sideshow at Dr Norbert’s Magical Flying Circus.

Free Puzzle Games To Play Now In Your Browser

Welcome, get free puzzle games to play now in your browser from The Sideshow at Dr Norbert’s Magical Flying Circus. Here you can get your hands on a fabulous selection of mind games such as word searches, haunted house puzzles and hidden number games that will completely wreck your head! Because that’s what we’re after in an online puzzle game, aren’t we? So jump on in because each and every game listed here can be played straight in your browser — 100% FREE! Some of the games use flash so my top tip is to simply swap browsers if you can’t get your Flash to work. Internet Explorer is pretty good.

Many of the games here are available in different languages, which is handy, and be sure to check the word search game out too because you can even print that one out -hooray!

What’s more, I can’t promise that you’ll get any cleverer from playing them -but there’s always a chance- but I can promise you that you will create a vacuum in time and space that causes you to time-leap into the distant future and not get stuff done you were supposed to be doing. Like take this website I’m building, for example, I have -out of necessity- played all of the games I have so far posted up. That was last Saturday and it’s taken me till today, Wednesday, to stop playing games and start doing some more work. So, if you lose your job or your marriage falls apart because your playing games all the time, then please know that I do hold myself fully responsible for your downfall but at the same time you will probably never find me because I work in a magical “flying circus” -thankfully.

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