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Roll up! Roll up! For the latest free games to play in your browser from Dr Norbert’s Magical Flying Circus.

The Best Fun Free Browser Games to Play

This page contains all of the best fun free browser games to play that this website has to offer. These fun free browser games are built using either HTML or flash, meaning all you need to do is load them up! If you’re having trouble with flash then please try swapping browsers, and don’t forget to check out my advertising disclaimer as there are adverts contained in the games.

Additionally, check out the top of the page where you can find links to all of the game categories. There are new games being added all of the time so be sure to come back to this page to see which new games have been released. There’s no login required either so you should just be able to play straight away.

There’s a selection of great circus themed browser games available to you, these include hidden object games that you need to solve to move up the stages. In addition, there’s the Fortune Telling Booth where you can get your fortune told or read your latest horoscopes. All free too. Furthermore, don’t forget to check out more free games in the cards section. There are lots of browser-based card games that you can play for free. If you love to shoot things too, then head on over to the shooting games section where you can fire away to your heart’s delight. Love puzzles? Who doesn’t? There are lots of puzzles in the circus games section but you can also find more in the dedicated puzzle section. Each game has been carefully crafted to melt your brain, slowly but surely.

If you love these games then why not stay in touch over social media. You can find the links in the footer of the browser. New free game releases will be published socially so you can get them as soon as they’re published. I’m very active on “Pinterest”, so head over there if you want to stay up to date with the latest games.