Adulting in the 21st Century

December 24, 2018 ·

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Adulting in the 21st Century


Me: *Adjusts elf costume, increases smile and rings doorbell*

[Door opens]

Me: *Singing in a jolly voice* ‘Jingle bells, my boss smells, I got fired yesterday, my batmobile has lost a wheel-’ *Points to my car with no wheels or roof* ‘And my pension flew away! Hey!*

My Mum & Dad: *Glaring* ‘And you think this is the appropriate way to tell us?’

Me: ‘Em, em’ ‘Turns around with wide eyes and desperately tries to shoo everyone behind me away’

[A 50 strong crowd of professional choir singers emerge from the darkness]

Choir: *Loud as hell they start singing* ‘12 parking fines, 11 points on her license, 10 maxed out credit cards…’

[Door slams shut]

Me: *Looks down* ‘Were the elf shoes too much?’

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