1988 Advert vs 2018 Advert

January 19, 2019 ·

1988 Advert vs 2018 Advert
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Short Joke | Milk Tray Advert vs 2018

1998 Advert vs 2018 Advert

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[1988 Advert]

*Theatrical Music*
*Man ziplines down side of house and climbs in window*
*Man places a box of Milk Tray on dresser and slips into the shadows*
Low male voiceover: ‘All because the lady loves…..Milk Tray’

[2018 Advert]

*Theatrical Music*
*Man rings doorbell and triggers burglar alarm*
Me: *Jumps off couch brandishing two baseball bats and beats the living daylights out of man in doorway* *Shouting* ‘BLOODY BURGLARS’
Man: *Screaming* ‘NO, FOR FUCKS SAKE NO, I’M HERE TO…’
Me: ‘Can I smell…’
Man: *On floor cowering* ‘It’s for you…’
Me: *Grips mouth* ‘Dude, I forgot..’
Low male voiceover: ‘All because the lady loves…..Dominos’

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